What Bass Guitar Does Nikki Sixx Use: Find out His Favorite Bass!

If you’re a fan of rock music, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across the name Nikki Sixx. As the bassist for Motley Crue and one of the most iconic figures in heavy metal, his sound and style have left an indelible mark on the genre.

But what is it about his musical equipment that helps him create such powerful bass lines? In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of Nikki Sixx’s bass guitars to uncover which instrument he uses most often and explore how you can replicate his signature tone. So strap in and get ready to rock as we take a closer look at what makes Nikki’s playing so unforgettable!

Overview Of Nikki Sixx’s Bass Playing Career

When it comes to rock bassists, Nikki Sixx stands out as one of the most iconic figures in the music industry. As a founding member and primary songwriter of Mötley Crüe, his legendary playing ability and distinct sound have left an indelible mark on heavy metal history.

But what is the secret behind his unforgettable bass tone? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the instruments that have shaped Nikki Sixx’s electrifying performances throughout his career – focusing primarily on what bass guitar he uses today. Stick around to learn more about this rock icon’s go-to gear and how you can achieve a similar sound!

Nikki Sixx’s Primary Bass Guitar: The Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass

Nikki Sixx’s go-to bass guitar is the Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass, known for its slick black cherry finish, signature design, and top-notch sound quality. Curious to learn more about this iconic instrument and how it has influenced his playing style? Keep reading!

Description And History Of The Bass Guitar

Nikki Sixx’s primary bass guitar is the Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass. This unique instrument was designed specifically for him and comes in a sleek black cherry finish. It has a solid mahogany body with a maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and features EMG active pickups. The custom inlays on the fretboard depict his signature “XI” logo along with “1981”, which is the year Motley Crue released their debut album.

Schecter Guitar Research has been designing high-quality guitars since 1976 but it wasn’t until 2013 that they collaborated with Nikki Sixx to create this signature model. With its heavy tone and smooth playability, it’s no wonder why this model quickly became his go-to bass guitar onstage and in the studio. Its limited edition status makes it highly coveted among both fans and musicians alike.

In addition to his signature bass guitar, Nikki Sixx has also used other iconic models throughout his career such as Fender Precision Basses and Gibson Thunderbird Basses that have influenced his sound over time. By experimenting with different instruments like these, he was able to create new sounds that would define Motley Crue’s music during their heyday of the 80s glam metal scene. His undeniable talent as a rock bassist continues to inspire future generations of musicians who hope to achieve similar success in the music industry today.

Key Features And Specifications Of The Bass Guitar

The Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass is the primary instrument used by Nikki Sixx throughout his career. This bass guitar features a solid mahogany body with an ultra-access cutaway design, making it easy to reach all 24 frets of the maple neck. It has a rosewood fingerboard with distinctive inlays, adding to its unique appearance.

One standout feature of this bass guitar is its EMG P/J pickups with active 2-band EQ controls that allow for precise adjustments to sound quality and tone. Its black cherry finish also adds to its aesthetic appeal, giving it a bold presence on stage.

This limited edition signature bass was designed in collaboration between Nikki Sixx and Schecter Guitar Research specifically for his playing style and needs as a bassist in Motley Crue. Its high-quality components make it a top choice among professional musicians seeking exceptional sound quality and durability from their gear.

Sound Quality And Tone Of The Bass Guitar

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The Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass is known for its exceptional sound quality and tone. The bass guitar was designed specifically with Nikki Sixx’s playing style in mind, making it the perfect instrument to achieve his unique sound. This electric bass produces a powerful and punchy tone that cuts through even the loudest of mixes. It has a rich, full-bodied sound and is particularly suited for heavier styles of music such as rock or metal.

In addition to the Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass, Nikki has also used several other bass guitars throughout his career to create different tonal variations in his music. For example, he has used Fender Precision Basses for their distinct deep and smooth tones while also using Gibson Thunderbird Basses which produce a more aggressive sound with enhanced sustain. Understanding how each bass guitar affects your overall tone can be important when crafting your own unique musical style.

To get Nikki Sixx’s signature sound on your own bass guitar, you’ll want to start by understanding his playing style which includes heavy finger plucking and using distortion effects pedals like those found in his personal guitar rig. Additionally, investing in high-quality signature strings made specifically for this electric bass can further enhance its legendary sound qualities, allowing you to dial in the perfect settings for any performance environment or recording session.

Other Bass Guitars Nikki Sixx Has Used Throughout His Career

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In addition to his signature Schecter guitar, Nikki Sixx has also played Fender Precision basses and a Gibson Thunderbird bass throughout his career – read on to find out how each of these instruments have influenced his sound.

Fender Precision Basses

Nikki Sixx has also been known to use Fender Precision Basses throughout his career. This classic bass guitar is a staple in the music industry and has been used by numerous legendary rock musicians over the decades. The Fender Precision Bass, also known as P-Bass, was first introduced in 1951 and has since become one of the most recognized bass guitars in history. It features a solid body design that provides a warm, round sound and deep low-end frequencies.

Nikki Sixx’s use of Fender Precision Basses can be heard on several hits from Motley Crue’s catalogue including “Girls Girls Girls” and “Dr Feelgood.” The unique tone of this bass guitar coupled with Nikki’s playing style helped define their sound as one of the iconic bands of the 80s heavy metal scene. For any aspiring bassist looking to emulate Nikki Sixx’s signature sound, using a Fender Precision Bass is definitely worth considering.

Gibson Thunderbird Bass

Another bass guitar that Nikki Sixx has used extensively throughout his career is the Gibson Thunderbird Bass. Known for its distinctively shaped body and thunderous sound, this instrument was a natural fit for Sixx’s heavy metal style. He played the original models from the ’60s and ’70s, as well as newer reissues.

One of the most notable performances with the Thunderbird Bass was during Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood” era in 1989. The music video for “Kickstart My Heart” features Sixx shredding on a black cherry Gibson Thunderbird Bass while sporting his signature spiked hairdo and leather jacket.

The combination of the Thunderbird’s deep, resonant tone and Sixx’s aggressive playing style created an unmistakable sound that helped cement Motley Crue’s place in rock history. Today, this legendary bass continues to inspire musicians across genres who seek its powerful sound and bold design.

How Each Bass Guitar Has Influenced His Sound

Nikki Sixx has used several bass guitars throughout his illustrious career. His primary bass guitar, the Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass, is customized to suit his playing style and tone preferences. However, he has also played other iconic instruments such as Fender Precision Basses and Gibson Thunderbird Bass.

The Fender Precision Basses have a unique sound that blends well with Motley Crue’s music genre. Its deep tonal range provided the perfect foundation for Nikki’s driving basslines in hits like “Dr. Feelgood” and “Girls Girls Girls.” The Gibson Thunderbird was another favorite of Nikki’s, known for its punchy sound on high register chords and notes.

Despite having signature customizations to suit his personal preferences, each bass guitar has left a lasting impact on Nikki Sixx’s distinctive sound. From the thunderous low-end tones of the Fender Precision Bass to the bright highs of the Thunderbird Bass, each instrument has helped him create memorable grooves that have influenced generations of aspiring musicians worldwide.

How To Get Nikki Sixx’s Bass Guitar Tone

To achieve Nikki Sixx’s iconic bass guitar tone, it’s important to understand his playing style and use the right amplifier settings, effects pedals, and signature bass strings. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding His Playing Style

To get Nikki Sixx’s bass guitar tone, you first need to understand his playing style. Nikki is known for his aggressive and hard-hitting playing, incorporating a lot of heavy picking and slapping techniques into his basslines. He also often uses distortion and overdrive effects to add grit and drive to his sound.

When it comes to achieving this style, using a pick can be crucial as it allows you to play more aggressively and achieve a sharper attack on the strings. Additionally, focusing on accenting the downbeat with your picking hand can help create that in-your-face sound that Nikki is known for.

Another important aspect of understanding Nikki’s playing style is knowing how he uses dynamics. He has been praised for his ability to control the volume of each note, going from soft melodic lines to powerful driving riffs seamlessly within a song. Practicing various dynamic techniques such as ghost notes or fingerstyle plucking can help emulate this sound on your own instrument.

Amplifier Settings And Effects Pedals

To achieve his signature sound, Nikki Sixx uses specific amplifier settings and effects pedals. He has been known to use a Mesa/Boogie M-2000 Bass Head amp with two 8X10” cabinets on stage for its clear amplification of his thunderous bass tones. To help shape and sculpt his sound, he also relies on a variety of effect pedals like the MXR Micro Amp Boost Pedal and the Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner pedal.

In addition to these key components in his setup, Sixx is particular about using custom string gauges

that are thicker than usual at .055-.110. This thicker gauge allows him to dig in harder while playing which adds more punchiness and sustain to his performance. The combination of all these elements helps create the iconic tone that fans have come to love from Nikki’s bass playing throughout Motley Crue’s catalog.

Overall, if you’re looking to get anywhere near Nikki Sixx’s distinctive bass tone in your own music or performances, it’s crucial that you invest time into understanding how different amps, effects pedals, strings gauges work together as part of an overall instrument setup along with honing your own unique style and technique as a player.

Signature Bass Strings

Nikki Sixx’s signature bass strings play a significant role in achieving his distinctive tone. Sixx collaborated with Dean Markley to create his custom NS Black Cherry signature bass strings, which feature a nickel-plated steel construction that provides excellent sustain and bright tonal response. The set is designed for drop-C tuning, perfect for the heavy rock and metal music Motley Crue is known for.

Interestingly, Nikki Sixx also uses flatwound strings on some of his Fender Precision Basses, which give a warmer and more mellow sound compared to the bright tones of roundwound strings. This variety in string choice demonstrates Sixx’s versatility as a bassist and shows how different types of strings can influence an artist’s playing style.

Regardless of string type, maintaining proper tension and gauging is crucial when setting up an instrument. Properly installed signature bass strings will provide optimal resonance while ensuring maximum playability under any circumstance – from performing live on stage to recording in the studio.

Conclusion: The Enduring Legacy Of Nikki Sixx’s Bass Playing And His Influence On The Music Industry

In conclusion, Nikki Sixx is undoubtedly one of the greatest bass players to ever grace the music industry. His contributions to rock music are unforgettable and have influenced generations of musicians across different genres. From his signature Schecter Guitar Research Nikki Sixx Electric Bass to his Fender Precision Basses and Gibson Thunderbird Bass, every instrument he’s played has added a unique flavor to his sound.

If you’re looking to get Nikki Sixx’s tone, understanding his playing style and using the right gear can go a long way. Amplifier settings and effects pedals also play a crucial role in achieving that iconic sound. And let’s not forget about the Signature bass strings that he endorses – they definitely make a difference.

Overall, it’s clear that Nikki Sixx has left an indelible mark on the music world as both a rocker and innovator in terms of musical equipment setup. Aspiring bassists everywhere would do well to study his talent, passion for music performance, technique, inspiration and sheer raw energy when it comes to performing on stage with such artistry!


1. What type of bass guitar does Nikki Sixx use?

Nikki Sixx primarily uses a custom-made Schecter bass guitar, with his signature model called the “Schecter Sixx.” He has also been seen playing Gibson Thunderbird and Fender Precision basses in the past.

2. Why does Nikki Sixx prefer using the Schecter Sixx?

As a co-founder of the Schecter brand, it’s no surprise that Nikki chooses to play his own company’s instruments. The Schecter Sixx is specifically designed for heavy rock music and features active EMG pickups for high output and sustain.

3. Can I purchase a signature model of Nikki Sixx’s bass guitar?

Yes, you can purchase a limited edition replica of Nikki’s Schecter Sixx through authorized dealers or online retailers such as Sweetwater or Guitar Center.

4. Is owning the same bass guitar as Nikki Six worth it?

While owning the same instrument as your favorite musician can be exciting, it doesn’t necessarily make you sound like them. However, investing in quality gear that matches your musical style can help improve your playing and inspire creativity on stage or during recording sessions.

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